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A Deconstructed Sandwich Or The Brian Kelly Press Conference?

The answer is BOTH you ninny!

The Impossible Reservation: Philadelphia, Presented By Audi Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Audi

It’s not just the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that are feeling pretty good right now. The entire country (well, a very large portion of it) is full of optimism and hope for the coming season. If there is a reason to be excited, fans will find it and put all their dreams and feelings on the line for that reason.

We know this, and yet we go through these motions each July and August. It’s okay -it’s what we do. It’s like we’ve all been here before in one way or another. Basically, these opening press conferences are a deconstructed sandwich.

What is a deconstructed sandwich?

Deconstructed dishes may take the foods that are normally combined in the dish, change their forms, and then plate them together in a different way. It's not just about taking the dish apart, but putting its elements back together.

I mean, it’s some real fancy shit. The ordinary can look incredibly complicated and beautiful, but still be the same old sandwich your mommy would pack you for school each day.

What are some of the parts here?

  • New quarterback
  • New coaches
  • New attitude
  • Defensive line issues
  • Depth at safety
  • Lots of offensive weapons
  • A new offensive lineman or two
  • Injuries

None of those things look much different than a lot of years, but when you separate them and serve them differently, they can look quite different. In reality, however, it’s still the same sandwich.

I know that sounds bleak, and I’m not trying to kill any enthusiasm you might have because I have a lot of that enthusiasm as well. But, unless there is some big surprise in store for us, this beautiful sandwich laid out in its many parts is still merely a sandwich.

Of course, a turkey sandwich from Subway isn’t the same as a turkey sandwich from Katz’s Deli in New York City. So, there is our hope. Perhaps these parts are indeed better after all, and perhaps they will be put together with much more care and skill than a 16 year old just trying to make enough money for whatever it is a 16 year old waste their money on these days.

I’m just waiting - trying not to deconstruct myself.