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Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly Checks In At #14 By The Sporting News

Brian Kelly getting some love from somewhere.

Notre Dame v Pittsburgh Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Of course it’s that time of year for LISTS, LISTS, LISTS!!! The college football media has got plenty of them. We all love to list things and rank things, and basically have something to talk about heading into media days and camps.

The Sporting News just published its set of rankings for college football head coaches, and the main man for the Notre dame Fighting Irish, Mr. Brian Kelly, made the list at #14.

Kelly is in a tough spot. He's had success with the Irish, but a 4-8 effort in 2016 has the eighth-year coach on the proverbial hot seat. Kelly could just as easily flip that record, but it's worth knowing this ranking doesn't mean everything. After all, Les Miles and Mark Helfrich were top 15 coaches heading into the 2016 season.

That is not a very bright picture by the Sporting News.

Basically, they like Brian Kelly but they want to make sure that you know that they are in no way IN LOVE with Brian Kelly. I fact, they are a little worried about this relationship and possibly foresee some type of break-up even though, he’s a really great and swell guy.

Well, something like that.