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It’s Been A Year... How Are We Doing?

I haven’t been deposed... yet.

Greetings friends! It’s a little hard to believe, but it has been a year since I took over One Foot Down here at SB Nation. It has honestly been a bit of a bumpy ride, but somehow we hit this milestone.

First of all, having our beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish go 4-8 on the season was about as awful as it gets. The negativity and bad news that just kept coming was overbearing and annoying. No one want to deal with that.

The transition of the site from the former occupants to myself could have been better. I assembled a staff that didn’t function together. Half of the guys were newcomers to me, and with less than a month before camp started, there was a definite lack of understanding. I also had some very serious matters going on with family- so... overall it wasn’t the best recipe for success.

A lot of readers were unsure about just what the hell was going on, and it seemed as if we couldn’t do anything right. It was a part-time shitshow.

Slowly, even with the losses mounting, the site started to come into its own. Sure, we lost a few readers here and there, but overall the site has never had more people visit it during the season. A 4-8 season.

The good thing about a season like that, is that is really allowed me to weed out a few things here at OFD and plant a few seeds. The staff really started coming together towards the end of the season, and into the end of the recruiting cycle. It also allowed for something that I never expected... great basketball coverage.

For over a decade, I have covered Notre Dame football wall-to-wall, but never gave hoops the same amount of attention- not even close. If there is something that I am proudest of so far at OFD, it is also something that has completely shocked me, and that is our coverage of the basketball team.

I can honestly say that I believe that our coverage last year was second to none- not any pay site, or newspaper... no one. I honestly believe that, and it was because of the staff that came together. It was awesome.

That helped the site evolve a bit, and certainly made it more “ours” than “theirs”.

Moving forward, I think you can expect some great coverage for the football team this year, and if they would just help us out and win more- it should be a lot more fun.

I’d like to thank our SBN Overlords; Matt Brown, Wescott Eberts, and Luke Zimmerman (recently departed) for their patience and for working with me through the transition. Those guys provided a lot of help and guidance, and I really appreciate all of it.

I’d also like to thank all of my editors at the site; Jude Seymour, Pat Sullivan, Bobby Norell, and Brad Wechter. These guys really come through and help make the site run, but also add some very unique opinions and positions.

A huge thanks to the rest of the staff as well. They do a great job with their assignments and the site is purring right now from their efforts.

Now that I got all of that out of the way... what do you think? Are we doing a good job? Is there something more you would like to see? Is there something you wish would just crawl into a hole and stay away forever? I’m going to put up a generic poll, but if there is something specific- please let us know in the comments below. We will certainly try to do our best.


How are we doing?

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    Go away and never come back (you are Smiegel here)
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Joshua Vowles
Site Manager