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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #67 Jimmy Byrne

He MIGHT be related to Guy more to find out

Next on the list for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is Senior Offensive Lineman, Jimmy Byrne. Byrne is a 6’4 295 pounder from St. Ignatius high school in Cleveland, Ohio. Byrne looks to find some time as a backup tackle or on special teams heading into the year. He has struggled to crack the field thus far, but has been a staple on the practice squad.

3 Things about Jimmy Byrne

  1. Quoted as saying “the only thing I like more than doing bicep curls is knocking down defensive lineman”-guy definitely BLOCKS (see hot fire)
  2. Was a 2 time all Ohio Player in high school
  3. Not to be confused with youtube singing sensation, “Jimmy Byrne”, who sings the acclaimed hit, “The Spirit of the Irish”. Yet to be confirmed if they are related.****

Youtube Hot Fire

Come for the quotes, stay for the highlights

I, Philly G, dub the....

Jimmy, “Can ya feel the” Byrne

2017 Outlook

Byrne will most likely not see any time barring significant injuries or garbage time play. However, I do absolutely respect his hustle from his commitment video. He should hopefully see some time on snapping special teams plays. Hopefully he can make it on to PAT so he can be a part of the hottest special teams play in college football.

I’d feel bad if there was no actual shots of this guy

Bonus Hot Fire....

Jimmy Byrne performing “The Spirit of the Irish”