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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: The Irish Need a Guy Like Amon-Ra St. Brown

St. Brown is a talent that it would hurt to miss out on

amon-ra st.brown Student Sports Flickr

Amon-Ra St. Brown: the final iteration in the St. Brown trilogy. He is the third in a trio of uniquely named children of a former Mr. Universe, and is a kid that is smart enough to speak multiple languages and athletic enough to routinely make his competition at the opening look downright silly.

Those who followed The Opening have likely already seen and/or heard of St. Brown’s dominance. He turned heads early and often at Nike’s annual event, and was even convincing enough as a receiver to be given a fifth star by 247 Sports. This promotion subsequently moved him into the top 10 nationally - and the number one spot for receivers - in the popular recruiting service’s rankings for the current recruiting cycle.

This isn’t just a sudden epiphany among recruiting analysts, though. It has been known that St. Brown is a special talent. He was already a widely heralded recruit, and has the aforementioned heritage that warrants all of the attention of coaches and others who follow recruiting closely.

It’s such a performance that causes a well known editor for Irish Illustrated - the one and only Pete Sampson - to tweet out something like this:

This is coming from a man who has been around football and recruiting for a significant amount of time now. He has seen all kinds of talent, but St. Brown’s innate ability stuck out to him specifically.

What may be more important to this Notre Dame Fighting Irish program than inborn talent, though, is the swagger that St. Brown plays with. Amon-Ra is not like his older brother Equanimeous. Equanimeous St. Brown is very calm and laid back; he has a relaxed aura about him. Amon-Ra is the opposite.

Amon-Ra St. Brown plays exactly like he was the youngest sibling growing up. He plays like the kid who always had a chip on his shoulder. You can still see the desire when he is out on the field; you can see that want to show everybody that he can hang. He goes up against opposing defensive backs like he has something to prove each and every time. He still looks like the youngest kid who is constantly competing to do better than his brothers, and it seems that that is still at least somewhat driving him.

It’s because of that sort of mentality that plays like this are possible:

Another thing with this St. Brown is the self-confidence. He is almost a stereotypical receiver in that he knows he can beat you, and when he does, he’ll let you hear about it. Then, he will go out and do it again.

Notre Dame doesn’t have many players quite like this, but it sure could use them. Sometimes, having an edge like this is a good thing. Football isn’t a nice game, and having a team of nice kids isn’t always conducive to winning. You need guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown, who have a chip on their shoulder every play. The Irish need this guy.