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This Guy is Going to Play Notre Dame Football: #95 Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa

Will we see Tagovailoa-Amosa on the defensive line this season?

Our player profile series takes a turn towards the youth and will be done in more LIGHTNING ROUND style than what we are doing with the upperclassmen.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish brought 21 recruits into the fold...let’s meet Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa.

5 Bullet Points to Think About:

  • He is from Hawaii, and if I think really hard, I can remember a decent defensive player for Notre Dame that was also from Hawaii....
  • He was also first-team All-State in Hawaii, and the third-ranked recruit in the state
  • A foot injury to Elijah Taylor could open up playing time opportunities for the defensive lineman
  • With injuries paving the way for playing time, look for Tagovailoa-Amosa to focus on the defensive tackle position rather than defensive end
  • His first cousin Maninoa Tufono is a linebacker out of Honolulu who also received a scholarship offer from Notre Dame