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Notre Dame Football: What Tho The Odds... Preseason

What do the gambling men of the world think of the Irish and their chances this season?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Navy Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

It probably goes without saying that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish don't have much chance this season in the eyes of many across the country after last season's 4-8 showing.

Well... that's not entirely true.

The odds are out for some games and for other things. We turn to to take a look at those that involve the Fighting Irish.

Regular Season Games

No big surprises there. The oddsmakers love the Trojans this year, and Notre Dame hasn't won on the Farm in quite some time. Also... Michigan State is awful - Tim Prister says so.

Heisman Trophy

What would the Heisman race be without a preseason player from the Fighting Irish getting a nod? Returning running back Josh Adams isn't listed here, but I suppose if you are going to list a player that has never started a game, and is on a team that went 4-8 last year... the quarterback should be mentioned.

  • Brandon Wimbush 50/1

Two notable players the Irish face this year that are ahead of Wimbush are:

  • RB Nick Chubb, Georgia 24/1
  • QB Sam Darnold, USC 7/2 (the favorite)

It's quite possible that the high-profile games of USC and Georgia could prove to be huge markers on this Heisman journey.

National Championship

Notre Dame fans want one thing... a title. It looks like a tough road again this year.

  • Notre Dame 45/1

A few others of note:

  • Alabama 17/5 (favorite)
  • USC 15/2
  • Oklahoma State 45/1 (same as the Irish)