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What Do You Expect Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly To Say?

There's a whole lot of news coming our way, how do you think Brian Kelly will tell us?

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hold on to your Pinstripe Bowl Championship shirts, the 2017 season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is ridiculously close at hand. On Monday, Irish head coach Brian Kelly will address the media at a press conference, which essentially kicks off fall camp for Notre Dame.

The Irish will head once again to Culver Academies for the first leg of its preseason journey. This time it will be for a week rather than a few days. Of course, that's not the biggest change this year.

Notre Dame had a huge overhaul with its staff during the offseason. Most notably:

  • New defensive coordinator Mike Elko
  • New offensive coordinator Chip Long
  • New special teams coordinator Brian Polian
  • New strength and conditioning coordinator Matt Balis

Obviously a lot of that (and more) was touched on during spring football, but that was the spring. Now we're getting into the real deal. What should we be expecting from Brian Kelly when he takes the podium?

I know a lot of fans want the media to ask Brian Kelly "the tough questions" and they consider those questions to be some type of long diatribe that reveals a question to which Kelly is in a lose-lose situation. People don't just want it - they expect it.

You can expect it all you want, but it will never happen the way you want it to. I've been in the press room after games, and most recently after losses to the Duke Blue Devils and Virginia Tech Hokies. No reporter there is going to ask Brian Kelly, basically, why he sucks and why he just doesn't quit and go knit sweaters.

That's my bald head after the Duke game. We were told BVG was fine.
Twitter @Matt_Fortuna

And even if they did, Brian Kelly (or any coach) isn't going to give their own personal act of contrition just to appease those outside of the locker room or university.

It's not how this business works, and not just at Notre Dame, but anywhere across the country. Coaches would either blow up into a ball of rage or simply walk of the podium. It's an insanely dumb way to go about your job. The media aren't fans, and even those that are, are journalists first and fans second - it's the only way to get the real story to be as real and accurate as possible.

If a reporter acts like an asshole in the press room, it's probably a fair prediction to say that the reporter will lose access. Losing that access means he or she just lost their value to their organization and to its readers/viewers/listeners.

So, what do you expect Brian Kelly to say? Or what do you want to hear from Brian Kelly? Will there be any big revelations coming our way over the next few days or weeks?

So yeah, what do you expect him to say? What do you need him to say? What do you fear he will say? What do you think? We got a few hours until then. Let's chat about it.