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The Sacramento Kings Sign Former Notre Dame Star Jack Cooley To A Two-Way Contract. What's That?

There is something new in the NBA, and a former Irish star is in on it.

NBA: Summer League-Phoenix Suns at Sacramento Kings Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

A former star for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball team just got signed to a two-way contract by the NBA's Sacramento Kings. That former star, is Jack Cooley.

That's awesome - but what is a two-way contract in the NBA? Well, it's something new and there are some mixed feelings about what they actually do. Are they good for the player? Are they too good for the organization?

We will let you make up your own opinions, but you need to know how a two-way contract actually works. From SB Nation's Tim Cato:

Here are the specific details for the new two-way contract:They will act as a 16th and 17th roster spot for NBA teams beginning next season (2017-18).

*The player can spend up to 45 days with the NBA team that signs him, although no time is guaranteed.

*The rest of the player’s contract must be spent in the G-League, either for the team’s affiliate or another’s if the team he signs with doesn’t have a G-League affiliate yet. For the 2017-18 season, the G-League will represent 26 of the NBA’s 30 teams.

*The player’s pay comes on a tiered salary system, which can last one or two seasons. While in the G-League, the player will make $75,000. It’s a significant increase from the current pay structure for G-Leaguers, who cannot make more than $26,000 with a one-way G-League deal.

*When in the NBA, a player with a two-way contract will accrue a day of service and make money consistent with an NBA rookie minimum, which is about $816,000 next season. If a player spends 45 days in the NBA, he could make around $204,000.

*In total, a two-way player who spends the maximum amount of time in the NBA would make $279,000.

That’s a lot more money than the G-League has ever presented its players.

Good luck to Jack Cooley and his future with the Kings.