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Notre Dame Football Announces Camp Schedule

It’s that time of year y’all!

Brian Kelly rides into practice on a horse.
Twitter @sportscenter

It’s just about that time for college football teams around the country to begin their camps. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish released their camp schedule on Wednesday, and it’s a bit different than what we have seen in the recent past.

  • July 31: Brian Kelly press conference. The team leaves for Culver Academy.
  • August 1: Opening Day. Full media coverage
  • August 5: First day of full pads. Full media coverage.
  • August 9: Team returns to campus and resumes camp practice.
  • August 12: Half-practice media coverage.
  • August 20: MEDIA DAY. Full practice inside Notre Dame Stadium with jumbotron.
  • August 24: Half-practice media coverage.
  • August 28: GAME WEEK

Soon we will start to get some answers to questions we’ve had all offseason. One Foot Down will provide as much coverage and analysis as we can, and together we will creep towards Temple.