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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football #93 Jay Hayes

Is this the year he puts it all together?

Are you sure this is your breakout year?

Next on the list for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is rising senior defensive End, Jay Hayes. #93 is a 6’3 293.8lb (check twitter for pics) athlete from Brooklyn, New York. He heads into this year after a relatively disappointing tenure thus far. He was a dominant high school star who had offerrs from every SEC, ACC, Patriot League, etc school that you could think of (well maybe not Patriot but shout out Holy Cross Football-Go Saders) Despite playing 150 snaps last season, Hayes only racked up 10 tackles. He heads into this year needing to make an impact, and will be pressed for playing time by Andrew Trumbetti. The thought is that this is the year he will put it together, especially with the departure of former D Coordinator Uncle Rico.

3 Things about Jay Hayes

1. Jay was thrust into action as a true freshman after injuries to both Jarron Jones and Sheldon Day, and totaled 2 tackles

2. Played for the USA against the hard-nosed Canadian team back in 2014

3. His production in 2017 was stifled by a high ankle injury....those historically linger and suck.

Youtube Hot Fire

Interesting to hear his take and honesty about where he was in his lows-Big sign on Maturity-Think it will be an easier year with the new scheme.

I, Philly G, Dub Thee....

Jay, “the Brooklyn Big Boy” Hayes

2017 Outlook

We will be able to find out very quickly what type of player Jay Hayes is going to be this year. He has all of the potential, but has had multiple circumstances that could be used as excuses for the lack of productivity thus far. HOWEEVAAA, there are no excuses this year (barring injury). He will be put into a position where he can succeed, with others on the line that the offense will key on (Daelin Hayes and the LB core). He has all of the potential, especially with the much anticipated and rarely talked about (lolz) new and improved Defensive scheme. For better or for worse, we should know within the first 3 games what type of player Hayes will be for the 2017 year.