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The 2007 Notre Dame Football Season: That Time Notre Dame Lost to Navy for the First Time in 43 Years

Notre Dame totally deserved to lose to Navy THAT year.

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SB Nation is having some fun today. Our powerful overlords decided that today would be a great time to look back on the 2007 college football season, which was one of the wildest in history, and quite probably the worst ever for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. We are joining in that fun, in spite of 2007 being the most unfun season ... EVER.

There was some hope before the game against the Navy Midshipmen. Well, as much hope as one can have with a 1-7 record. The team was a hot mess and had just lost 38-0 to the USC Trojans at home two weeks prior. It was the second time the Irish were shut out that season, having already been hammered, by an identical 38-0 score, by the Michigan Wolverines in week two.

Still, at 1-7, if the Irish could win out against Navy, Air Force, Duke, and Stanford to end the season, they would at least be 5-7 and have some dignity left.

That dignity went out the window.

It was a strange game, but one that Notre Dame had been in before with Navy over the years. Only this time the Irish were unable to squeak by at the last minute. Our luck had run out after 43 years.

The Irish actually had more first downs and greater time of possession than the Middies. Navy, a triple-option team also only ran the ball for 22 more yards than the Irish.


Look, the game was ridiculous, and horrible, and saw Evan Sharpley complete 17 passes for an average of 5 yards a completion. It was Notre Dame’s best offensive performance of the season up to that date.

I’m not going to rehash the entire game. That would be cruel and unjust after a 4-8 season that saw yet another loss to Navy. I do want to say that the game was proof that all things must and will come to an end. After 43 years of beating Navy, losing to them in the middle of a 3-9 season is only fitting. We’ve seen better Notre Dame teams almost lose to worse Navy teams, so really it was just a matter of time.

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Navy beat Notre Dame in triple overtime 46-44.

It was a perfect example of everything that Notre Dame had devolved into under the Charlie Weis regime, and the culmination of everything since the departure of Lou Holtz. The Irish were incredibly soft, and lost most of the fight in the beginning of the season. Navy wanted this game more than Notre Dame by about a million times a million.

It was the first time in 43 years Notre Dame lost to Navy. It was the end of a streak, but also the end of any notion that most fans had that Notre Dame was still an elite program. The loss did a ton of damage to the Irish, but at the same time, it helped see a rebirth of Navy football. The Midshipmen have since been a very good program that has caused fits all over the country.

So, if you think the 4-8 season the Irish just had was bad ... just remember that 3-9 year in 2007 and just how horrible it was from start to finish.

Notre Dame Football's 2007 Legacy

If you thought Notre Dame Football had it rough last year - you obviously have forgotten about 2007.

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