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Depressed About That 2007 Notre Dame Football Season Now? Here’s A Pick Me Up

You guys were good sports, so here’s a consolation prize.

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Fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are a little sensitive when it comes to losing football games, and that sensitivity gets even more delicate when it comes to a season like 2007 and its 3-9 record.

We here at One Foot Down understand your feelings, and we know that dropping five stories and a video dedicated to that season is a lot like giving you 1000 paper cuts and then tossing you in a tank of lemonade.

So, to make up for those feelings, I offer an olive branch of sorts. It’s a video, and one I have posted on a few occasions. Maybe you’ve seen it — maybe you haven’t. It doesn’t really matter, because if you’re feeling shortchanged today, this 35 minutes of bliss will pay you off.

Just think back to that season for a moment. Just think of the excitement and anticipation that November and December brought with it. The vindication of a summer battling those that claimed Notre Dame to be irrelevant.

Sorry about all the bad memories today, y’all. Here ya go: