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Notre Dame Football Shouldn't Play On A Neutral Field & Neither Should Most Schools

This isn't 1922 anymore. Rambling is not needed.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Army Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

With this recent news about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Wisconsin Badgers, I can't help but be discouraged. Why? Because a lot of people seem to like this horrible idea.

I guess I just don't get it.

Why in the world would we want to take away one of the things that makes college football so special, and put it in some pro stadium surrounded by parking garages, scenic highways, and whatever else goes on around those things?

You think it's cool to play in an NFL stadium? The Pittsburgh Panthers play in one at least 6 times a year - YOU THINK THAT'S COOL?

Before I go any further, let me just say that I believe that there are only three regular season college football games that should be played at a neutral field (mostly because of the history involved).

  1. Army Black Knights VS Navy Midshipmen
  2. Texas Longhorns VS Oklahoma Sooners
  3. Florida Gators VS Georgia Bulldogs.

That's it. College games should be played on college campuses.

So let's talk about the Irish for a minute.

I find it very disappointing that Notre Dame will never play at Navy or West Point. The atmosphere at either place would be incredible, and something to really capture the spirit of college football.

That spirit is dying with each neutral site game Notre Dame plays. The Shamrock Series should be called the SCAMrock Series. It never delivered any sort of good product. The only one that came close was in 2013 when the Irish played the Arizona State Sun Devils in Dallas (and if the uniforms weren't so awesome for that game, I wouldn't give it any of that former credit).

The most iconic games of any season are played on someone's home turf. I don't care about your "recruiting reasoning" or even that the players LOVE it. Do you think the players would rather play a game at FedEx Field or Bryant-Denny Stadium? Think about it and get back to me.

So now we have this possible game against the Badgers. One at Soldier Field in Chicago and one at Lambeau Field. How is this cooler than Wisconsin at Notre Dame Stadium or Notre Dame at Camp Randall Stadium? What other purpose outside of being gimmicky does this serve?


I'm a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, but this is just wrong. We are robbing the fans of both programs and the fans of college football by playing this game inside an NFL stadium. It isn't just this game - but any game that takes this beloved sport and whores it out to a pro field.

The dark side is that this trend doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, and we will be forced to eat the burnt toast served to us by misguided athletic directors across the country.

I hate this so much.