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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football #85: Tyler Newsome

The punter and his luscious locks are up next in our player profile series.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Tyler Newsome continued his consistent career last season, booting 54 punts for an average of 43.5 yards for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. His long punt of the year went sailing for 71 yards. In short, this guy has a mean foot.

Newsome has surfaced as one of the better punters in the country, and was the sixth-ranked punting recruit in the nation when he committed to Notre Dame. He had some kicking experience as well, but will just be handling the punting duties this season.

3 Things to Know About Tyler Newsome:

  1. He is alone at the top of the Irish record books in single-game punt average (52.4 yards against UMASS in 2015).
  2. Newsome enters the season as a senior, but has another year of eligibility after sitting out the 2014 season behind Kyle Brindza.
  3. His seven quality punts in the pouring rain helped keep the Irish in the game against Clemson back in 2015.

YouTube Hot Fire:

He doesn’t just deliver booming punts, he delivers the hard questions on player interviews, like this one with Justin Yoon. Seriously, he looks like a natural here.

I, RyChi, Dub Thee ...

Tyler “Sweet Dee” Newsome.

“Those storklike legs, they act like pendulums. And on the bottoms of those pendulums, feet like wrecking balls!”

2017 Forecast

Newsome is the starting punter. There’s really no question about it. Despite adding kicker Jonathan Doerer to the incoming freshman class, Newsome will be handling the punts. He figures to continue his consistent career and help the Irish change fields, but hopefully we don’t see him on the field too much. That would just mean that the Irish offense is stalling.

Newsome will likely be back next season too, although he could find his way onto an NFL team after this season, given his punting talents. However, he has another year of eligibility and doesn’t carry an injury risk like other players who return to school, and the kid just loves Notre Dame. We’re happy to have him.