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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Derrik Allen Puts Elite Skill On Display At The Opening

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Raise your hand if you are excited about this guy coming to Notre Dame. Okay, okay... you can raise both.

Derrik Allen
Derrik Allen
Twitter @DsmoothAllen

There has been a lot of news and opinions coming from this week’s The Opening in Oregon. For fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, we are all curious to see:

  • How the Irish commits would stack up against the best in the country.
  • Which uncommitted prospects still have the Irish on their radar screen.
  • Which uncommitted prospects are starting to lean more towards the Irish.
  • Would an Irish commit do something spectacular?

While I wanted to address all of these in a small series starting on Monday, Derrik Allen made it impossible for me to wait much longer.

The Fighting Irish safety commit made just a spectacular and athletic interception during a drill, and he did it with such ease and in such a casual motion, he earned his Twitter name of @DsmoothAllen.