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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #83 Chase Claypool

Check out 12 year old Chase leave some kiddos stuck in Maple Syrup (p.s. He’s Canadian)

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Up next for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish: #83, Chase Claypool. Claypool is a 6’4 225lb receiver from Abbotsford, BC. (That’s in Canada you southerners doncha know!) He has a lot of hype heading into the year: there have been multiple articles saying he will be THE next great ND receiver. Though he has the ideal size, strength, and speed, he has yet to truly prove himself, which personally does not allow me to crown him the next big thing with the current core in place. To date, he has five receptions, the biggest of them coming during the Michigan State game. HOWEVAAA I think he will be a staple in the offense this year, although not the go-to or even breakout star.

3 Things about Chase Claypool

  1. Chase is considered one of the top players to ever come out of British Columbia, having freakish stats all over the place (see below ... seriously whoa).
  2. Caught 58 passes for 1,473 yards and 18 TDs; rushed for 567 yards and eight TDs on 47 carries; completed six of eight passes for 103 yards and three TDs; added 74 tackles, including two sacks, two fumble recoveries and five interceptions; returned four punts for 195 yards (two TDs) and seven kickoffs for 176 yards (one TD).
  3. He was a part of my favorite play (by far) of the spring game — Wimbush hit him on a perfect pass while rolling to his right, and Claypool PERFECTLY dragged his toes (starting at 3:09).

Youtube Hot Fire

Are you serious?! ... 12-year-old me is both jealous and terrified at the same time.

I, Philly G, Dub Thee ...

Chase “the Canadian Kid” AKA “The Maple Bandit” AKA “Mr. Take your girl on a nice dinner and call her afterwords” Claypool.

2017 Forecast

Chase comes into this year with expectations that are through the roof. He has been compared to Jeff Samardzija, among other Notre Dame greats. He has the athletic ability and the size to be a go-to guy, but I am not sold yet the he could be THE go-to guy with the amount of talent in his position group. He will be fighting to get touches, but I do think he will make the most of the ones he gets, and will come up big on multiple occasions this year. I believe he will be a very solid contributor, and set himself up to blow the top off of 2018.