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Notre Dame Football: What You Need To Know About The Georgia Bulldogs

The deep south comes to South Bend!

Vanderbilt v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We are in the middle of July and that means that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is getting closer and closer to the start of fall camp. Instead of filling your head with too much information, we offer you these choice nuggets to contemplate for Notre Dame’s showdown with the Georgia Bulldogs.


If the Irish are one of college football’s most overrated teams, than the Georgia Bulldogs really aren’t that far behind. Georgia sits on a wealth of talent each year, and yet they constantly do nothing. They rarely win SEC championships — let alone challenge for a national championship. It’s a Michigan mentality with Michigan results.

5 Things You Have To Know

  1. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel will be running the football. I want to say “a lot,” but it seems like Georgia went all “Brian Kelly” a few too many times and had a freshman throw it instead. When you have a running back tandem like that YOU NEVER GO FULL BRIAN KELLY!
  2. Speaking of the quarterback, Jacob Eason ... he had a relatively good year as a freshman. He completed 55% of his passes and threw for 16 touchdowns against 8 interceptions, and we have no reason to believe that he won’t improve in his sophomore year.
  3. Georgia returns all but one starter on a defense that ranked No. 16 in the country last year. That’s some scary shit — like hide the women and children scary.
  4. Speaking of that defense ... For as good as it was, they “only” had 29 sacks. One would expect a higher number from such a stingy defense, but maybe that only means that Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy are about to blow up. Maybe.
  5. The Bulldogs are traveling out of their comfort zone, and perhaps that remains to be the key here. While an early September game will have almost zero effect when it comes to the weather, Georgia just isn’t used to traveling like this for a football game. A lot of what they will have to do will be completely foreign to them.
Georgia v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Best Case Scenario

Notre Dame is hitting on all cylinders early after their opening win against the Temple Owls. The Irish keep the Georgia defense off balance and force the Georgia offense to throw the ball.

Worst Case Scenario

The Irish get hit in the mouth early, and never recover. While the Notre Dame offense is chasing points, the Notre Dame defense is chasing Nick Chubb all over the field. Running the damn ball wins games.

Early Prediction

Notre Dame 27, Georgia 24. The combination of an off-balance Georgia team unfamiliar to travel north of the Ohio River, and a hungry Irish team looking to bury the last memory of the 2016 season, will push the Irish over the edge.