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Whether You’re Unsure or Hyped About the New Facilities, Here’s When You Can See Them First Hand.

Plus, a quick look at current states of both football and basketball recruiting at Notre Dame.

Rice v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You can be on either side of the fence, here. It doesn’t matter whether you think Notre Dame stadium is basically the basilica and God hates us for piping in Crazy Train, or you can feel that in order for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to continue to compete, they need modern facilities.

Regardless of your side, the new facilities are there, and here’s when you can see ‘em for yourself:

On Sunday, August 20, a public scrimmage and performance of the band and cheerleaders has been dubbed the “New & Gold Game”, and will also allow for self-guided tours of some of the new buildings surrounding the football stadium.

Then, on August 25, an open house event which features the showing of Rudy on the new jumbotron will welcome students back. This event, called the “Flick on the Field”, is a hilarious idea to me. But I’m also the type of person who dons a robe and ventures up to the Patio Theater for Lebowski Night, so our opinions may differ here.

Keeping an Eye on Basketball Recruiting

Notre Dame v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Just because Mike Brey has landed commits from three four-star guards in the past month and has a top-five recruiting class for the time being for 2018 doesn’t mean we should stop paying attention to basketball recruiting. In fact, July is usually the biggest month in terms of college basketball recruiting, as the summer push heats up.

In a recent SBNation piece, Ricky O’Donnell introduced us to the five-star college basketball recruits that we need to know. No player from that top-five list of prospects is currently considering Notre Dame, but one on the fringe is. Just outside the top five sits Simisola Shittu, a “6’9 Canadian pogo stick”. That was the sentence I’ve always needed to write and just never knew it.

While most experts have Simi’s crystal ball pretty much undecided between UConn, Syracuse and Oregon, he has expressed interest in Notre Dame. The Irish have three more available scholarships and, even with the addition of transfer of Juwan Durham, it would make sense to continue the pursuit of a potentially elite big man. Notre Dame basketball has never signed more than four players in a recruiting class in Mike Brey’s tenure as head coach.

Speaking of Recruiting

Big news, dear reader. Notre Dame recruits well, and they recruit nationally. Here’s a look from 247 that details how Brian Kelly has done it so far in his tenure.

USC v Notre Dame

As fans, we love pulling in highly ranked recruiting classes full of four- and five-star guys. However, we’ve become a bit jaded with some of the recruiting mishaps and flameouts that have taken place. Deontay Greenberry, Eddie Vanderdoes, recently Max Redfield and a slew of other highly touted prospects have either amounted to less than their potential, transferred, never played a down, or committed and de-committed.

I think we’d all like to see some more success on the field to go along with the consistently good recruiting.