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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football #78: Tommy Kraemer

Here’s a young offensive lineman who figures to have a brilliant career in South Bend. In other news, water is wet.

Photo by Bill Panzica

Tommy Kraemer didn’t see any action on the field last year for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but the sophomore comes into the 2017 season with a world of promise and long line of others just like him who found major success at Notre Dame. Can Kraemer capitalize on the rich history of offensive linemen who have become top NFL prospects?

Before we go that far, let’s see how Kraemer does in what figures to be his first full season at offensive tackle. He should be trotting out with the offense when the Irish first take possession this season, and hopefully he clears up some nice holes for Josh Adams. At 6’ 5’’ and 313 pounds, he’s certainly physically capable to do so.

3 Things to Know About Tommy Kraemer:

  1. He hails from Elder High School in Ohio, the same school where tight end Kyle Rudolph attended. If he can have half as great a career as Rudolph did, that would be a success story in most people’s books.
  2. Speaking of Ohio, Kraemer beat out fellow Ohio native Liam Eichenberg for the starting job this spring.
  3. Eichenberg was rated as high as number one in the state of Ohio during his high school days, and was the first offensive lineman to win the Gatorade Ohio Player of the Year in almost a decade.

YouTube Hot Fire:

He was the top-ranked recruit in Ohio, so we know the kid can play. But can he destroy a five-pound sandwich like he destroys defensive linemen?

I, RyChi, Dub Thee:

Tommy “Cosmo” Kraemer. He’s a tough and gritty force in the trenches, so it’s not like his hands have been soaking in Ivory liquid (If you never watched Seinfeld, you have lost my respect).

2017 Forecast

This will be an exciting season to see what Kraemer can do. He’s still very young and may experience some growing pains, but he joins an offensive line that will likely be the team’s greatest strength. It will have to be to help the ground game and new quarterback Brandon Wimbush.

Kraemer has been given number 78, previously held by Ronnie Stanley, so that should tell you what the Irish coaching staff thinks of him. It will be exciting to finally see it on the field come September.