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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #77 Brandon Tiassum

Introducing Brandon AKA “Young Slide and Glide” AKA “The Tutor” Tiassum

Next on the list for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is rising Junior Defensive lineman, #77 Brandon Tiassum. Tissum stands 6’4 300 pounds, and looks to crack the field for the first time in his playing career. He is local, coming from Indianapolis, where he was a 3 star recruit playing at Park Tudor High school.

3 Things about Brandon Tiassum

  1. He was not only recruited as a D lineman, but was rated as the 44th best offensive guard in the country. He also forced 12 fumbles on defense...which is a ridiculous amount.
  2. He has a dynamite twitter handle/picture. #YoungSlide&Glide
  1. He is enrolled in the Mendoza School of Business. Real dummy. I listened to a couple different interviews of him and seems like a very sharp kid.

Youtube Hot Fire

It is cool to hear his passion for Notre Dame-you can tell with the speed of his commitment that he is a true Irish fan, not only a player.

I, Philly G, Dub Thee....

Brandon AKA “the Tutor” AKA “Young slide and Glide” Tiassum.

Class is in session

2017 Outlook

Barring injury, Brandon most likely will not see the field too often this season. He may get some garbage time playing behind Jerry Tillery & Micah Dew-Treadway. He seems like quite the character and a guy that you want on the team. Can’t wait to look out for this big man hyping up the crowd and his teammates this year.