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Jack Swarbrick Says Notre Dame Football Wants to Revive Shamrock Series, Schedule Another International Game...and I Think That’s Bad

Plus some Irish men’s hoops links to start getting you excited for next year, and a football recruit earns an Army All-American invitation

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina State Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As part of a full, multi-topic interview with Pete Sampson, ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick discussed the status of the future Notre Dame Fighting Irish football schedule, and made sure to make it clear he wants to revive the Shamrock Series as well as finalize another international game in the 2020s.

Some of you just read that sentence and probably said “Heck yes, I love that news! Nothing cooler than my favorite team playing games in neat places and spreading the Notre Dame #brand to new geographies!”

Notre Dame v Navy Photo by Barry Cronin/Getty Images

Side note: if you did say that, especially in those words, please have yourself a long, hard look in the mirror.

Anyway, as a response to you saying that, I would say the following, and then I would walk away from the conversation, because in my eyes, it’s not even an argument:

“Oh yeah? You love playing terrible teams in stadiums not always filled to capacity, robbing students of another home game and jacking up the already-ridiculous ticket prices because of the ‘experience’? You love when your favorite college football team doesn’t play games on a college campus, but rather in some professional stadium not even necessarily designed for the sport of football?

“Or maybe you’re just really excited that the football team is not only going to move a would-be-home-game away from campus, but also move it overseas, prohibiting the vast majority of students from being able to attend, even if they had the time and desire to make a trip. Is that it?

“Or maybe it’s much simpler — you just love the generally terrible alternate uniforms that come with these special games. There’s nothing like seeing the perfect and simple Notre Dame uniforms cast asunder so that we can see the Irish come out in ugly helmets and weird shades of green.”*

*I’d like to clarify that I’m not someone who hates every single alternate uniform ND has had. The 2013 Arizona State game, for instance, featured some cool uniforms. But otherwise, almost always, the uniforms for these games feature at least one thing that sucks — helmet, jersey or pants — and oftentimes it’s more than one of those things.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Army Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Miami v Notre Dame

The Notre Dame football program isn’t missing brand power or the ability to reach a national/international audience, and these “cool” jerseys clearly aren’t helping us with recruiting.

No, Notre Dame football is missing good coaching and victories over elite opponents occurring at least semi-regularly. Wasting time and money and reputation trying to do these “special games” is just wrong — the negatives far outweigh the positives, and the students and fans deserve better from Swarbrick.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments, and also please use this nifty poll I added because I like adding polls to articles:


What do you think of the Shamrock Series games and of Notre Dame scheduling games in other countries?

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ND Football DT Commitment Accepts All-American Game Invite

Fresh off an impressive showing at The Opening, Notre Dame’s top defensive line commitment in the 2018 class, Jayson Ademilola, has officially accepted an invitation to play in the Army All-American Bowl this coming January:

Ademilola has been shooting up the recruiting rankings of late, and is currently ranked 46th overall in the 2018 class by 247sports. The Irish hope they can hold onto the talented defensive lineman (as well as his twin brother Justin) all the way to signing day, as he could come in and make an immediate impact in 2018.

Notre Dame Hoops Stories

Today I went football-heavy, but I couldn’t get through a whole article without sending a few ND basketball links your way: