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Notre Dame Should Lose To Georgia By 20 Points?

Someone is breaking out the bold predictions and hot takes in July.

Oklahoma v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On September 9th, the Georgia Bulldogs will travel north of the Mason-Dixon line for the first time since 1965 to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. That's 52 years y'all. If you ever wonder why some teams that are really good most years are continually overlooked a bit, it's because of this regional home sickness programs like Georgia have.

Basically, Georgia is like that 4 year old kid that just won't stop clinging to his momma's leg anytime they go to the city pool.

It's this type of recluse mentality from the Bulldogs that has helped fuel an enormous amount of interest in this game, and triggered a staggering inflation of ticket prices. It's a HUGE game for week 2, and people are ready to start talking about it.

With SEC Media Days upon us, it didn't take long for the game to start being discussed by the SEC media. Greg McElroy, former quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide and current SEC Network Analyst, gave a prediction:

“On paper, Georgia should win the game by at least 20 points.”

I'm almost certain that Greg McElroy's favorite show is "Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives" with national treasure Guy Fieri. They're both all about bold flavors and spewing crap out of their mouths that no one really believes.

What's your take? If the line was Georgia -17, how much money would you place on this game in Notre Dame's favor?