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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #74 Liam Eichenberg

This Ohio-based offensive lineman is next up to profile

Liam Eichenberg #74, a sophomore offensive lineman from Cleveland, OH, is our next Notre Dame Fighting Irish player to introduce. He comes in at 6’6” and 294 pounds, so yeah, he’s a very decent size for a lineman. He hasn’t had a chance to play in a regular season, but he has been working his way up the depth chart on the offensive line. His abilities and work are helping him get into a position to come into games as a backup on the line.

3 Things to Know About Liam Eichenberg

  1. He comes from Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland.
  2. Ranked highly as a recruit in the 2016 class, Liam was ranked as the Number 6 offensive tackle from the ESPN Top 300.
  3. Liam is listed second on the depth chart at right tackle, right behind Tommy Kraemer. They both had a competition during spring ball for that starting position, and it looks like Tommy will take starting honors.

YouTube Hot Fire

Coach Harry Hiestand describing Liam’s ability when he was recruited.

I, Matty G, Dub Thee...

Liam Eichenberg: The Saint Iggy Shuffler

2017 Forecast

Liam is an academic sophomore with 4, full years of eligibility left (red-shirted his freshman year). As mentioned above, he is in a battle for the starting right tackle position. As of spring ball, he was going to be Tommy Kraemer’s backup. With fall ball approaching next month, maybe that will change before the September 2 opener.

From his high school highlights and work these last few months, Liam shows that he can block and defend on the line in great ways. Even if he does not win the starting job, he should be able to be a very capable backup. The offensive line will need to be a strong suit this season with the implementation of more under-center plays and a strong running core. Liam could add his skills to make the offense a force to be reckoned with.