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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #26 Ashton White

Did I dive deep into his Twitter or Instagram for this article? Read more to find out!

check out the smile on this guy

Next up for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is 5’11, 197 lb. safety from Washington D.C., #26 Ashton White. Ashton was a 3-star recruit, and redshirted during his rookie campaign. He saw the field on special teams as a redshirt freshman, totaling 2 tackles, and some occasional kickoff hustle. He managed to only play in 6 games on the year, which may have been attributed to an off-the-field issue over the summer (RIP in peace Max Redfield). It appears he learned his lesson as there have been no other issues as he looks to become a consistent force on special teams this year.

3 Things to Know About Ashton White

  1. Yes, he was arrested. But I’m not going to talk about it any more.
  2. He has a great smile (see lead picture) Plus he played at Friendship College Prep his junior year....Friendship? Smile?
  3. Made some headlines when he said that it “kills him” when others decommit. He referenced his own adversity, and his passion for the Irish.

YouTube Hot Fire

What I like about this highlight tape is the forced fumbles. Even getting one this year would be huge from a special teams perspective.

I, Philly G, Dub Thee...

Ashton “The Pearly” White

2017 Prediction

Ashton will most likely head into camp as the third strong safety. He could find his way into playing time in the secondary with injuries, but I do not expect him to be in the rotation. HOWEVAAA, he does find himself at a crossroads which could lead to a blowout year on special teams. With playing time on D unlikely, and a strong commitment to the Irish (rebounding from legal issues/bashing quitters), he will most likely put everything he has into special teams.

As a former college special teams player (check the tape), I have been in a similar spot. He could sulk about not starting, or embrace the role and get extra hyped every time he makes a tackle on kickoff or punt. Plus he seems like a guy who can talk some quality shit (stalked Twitter if you couldn’t tell). Shit talking is also a critical part of being a special teams guy -- gotta get it out when the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully we will see him with a strip or a forced fumble this year, in which case I will reference this article and boost my own self esteem.