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A Name That Hits You Right in the Nostalgia: Shane Walton

All-Conference Soccer Player, First Team All-American Cornerback. Seriously.

Pittsburgh v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

From Soccer, to Football, to All American

It is crazy to think what type of athlete Shane Walton was during his time with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He started off not only playing soccer, but dominating as a freshman. He was an all-conference selection as well as the team’s leading scorer. Then soccer coach Mike Berticelli made comments that Walton would have absolutely evolved into an All-American, but I doubt he thought it would have been in a different sport.

Fast forward a year and Walton tried out, made, and competed in his first season as a specials teams player under Bob Davie. A year later he was intercepting Drew Brees, and becoming a dominant force at cornerback. His illustrious career would award him many honors, including team MVP, 2002 consensus All-American, Bronco Nagurski Finalist (the first in Notre Dame history), and numerous spots in the Notre Dame record books. He was the staple during Ty Willingham’s first season, and the anchor that drove the teams success.

To say he is one of the most talented athletes in Notre Dame athletic history is not an understatement. Watching his highlights and researching articles about him displays the leader he was and the energy he brought to the entire stadium. Shane Walton was an electric player, and my favorite player during the Ty Era.

Nostalgic Youtube Hot Fire

Starting at :48 seconds may or may not have been the first time my dad told me he loved me. Absolutely beaut of a play and a break on the ball, on the top receiver in the nation, Braylon Edwards.

Life After Notre Dame

Shane had a brief stint in the NFL, but was hampered by a back injury sustained during his first season. He traveled back to San Diego and coaches both football and soccer at his alma mater, The Bishop’s School.

PS Ode to the Hair

Did Shane Walton make me want to have cornrows? Maybe....Definitely a combination of him and Latrell Sprewell.