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Who Is Your Favorite Notre Dame Football Player from the Willingham Era?

Just because the coach sucked doesn’t mean we didn’t have a few dope players

Mike Goolsby Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A short while ago, we at One Foot Down asked ourselves and fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, “why are you a fan of Notre Dame?” It was a fun couple of days, and the response was nice enough that I want to give it another go — for an entire month.

So, for the entire month, we are going to celebrate the Irish greats that played for Ty Willingham, Bob Davie, Charlie Weis, and Lou Holtz. We are asking you to give us your favorites in the FanPost section, and you will find ours on the main page.

We’re kicking things off with Ty Willingham and his roster of players from 2002-2004. Obviously those were some pretty lean years for the Irish on the field, but we had a nice handful of players out there that are worthy of being recognized as Irish legends.

Warriors of the gridiron...

So, who is your favorite player of the Tyrone Willingham era?