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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #54 John Shannon

Long Snapper.....THE long snapper

Next on the List for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is a rising Sophomore LongSnapper, John Shannon. Shannon played his high school ball at Loyola Academy in Chicago (big shout out to the CCL). He was rated as the #1 long snapper in the country (nice). He will be the starting long snapper this year, and hopefully we do not hear his name called very often.

3 things about John Shannon

  1. John started long snapping in 7th grade, when his grade school coach simply asked who wanted to try it out.
  2. His father and Grandpa played at Notre dame- His grandpa, Dan Shannon, was a co-captain on the 1954 Notre Dame football team that finished 9-1.
  3. John helped to lead his team to the 2015 State championship, where he played linebacker as well as long snapper. (which is good, gotta have a long snapper who can tackle).

Youtube Hot Fire

Check out the flames trailing that ball......hold the phone the kid has a cannon

I, Philly G, Dub Thee...

John “third leg of the tripod” Shannon

These guys Snap, Hold, AND Kick. Get em Russ

PS-please message me if you need photo shop help

2017 Forecast

As mentioned above, the true test of a great longsnapper is his ambiguity. You rarely want your name called for your snapping, mostly because it means you done messed up. However, as a former linebacker, he can hopefully have his name called for some special teams tackles on punt. I am very jealous he will be able to participate in the Justin Yoon celebrations, which I laugh at every single time.