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Do You Want A Better Notre Dame Football Fan Experience?

You could possibly help yourself. you know....

NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame
“I am Jon Bon Jovi and I am important. SEE THIS RED BADGE OF HONOR?!”
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever walked away from a football game just flat out disappointed with your fan experience- even if the Notre Dame Fighting Irish won the day? I know I have, and it’s an extremely frustrating thing. To be honest, I think that feeling is becoming more and more common as the years roll by.

Notre Dame isn’t oblivious to this, and they developed a “fan council” to help address these issues. They are taking applications once again for fans to join the council.

Entering its third year of existence, the Notre Dame Athletics Fan Council assists the department in evaluating and enhancing the fan experience at Fighting Irish athletic events and assesses new fan engagement opportunities. This group convenes quarterly on campus, and members have the opportunity to provide feedback from their personal experiences attending Notre Dame events.

“We are continually impressed with the level of engagement and dedication from our fan council members, some of whom travel from several states away to participate,” Notre Dame Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing Brian Pracht says. “Last year’s fan council consisted of 23 members with varying backgrounds and perspectives from multiple levels of fandom. Having such a diverse group to provide input has proven valuable to us as an athletic department in meeting the needs of our national fan base.”

Similar to years past, the fan council will feature students, alumni and non-alumni—all representing a cross-section of fans from Notre Dame's athletic programs. Members will serve for one academic year, beginning in July 2017. Meetings will cover many topics that impact fan engagement and will feature guest speakers within the Notre Dame athletics administration and coaching staff.

So, if this is something that you are interested in, be sure to apply online now.

I would like:

  • Better cell service
  • Rowdy fans
  • WiFi
  • A menu that is at least a step up from a 6 year old’s birthday in the backyard by a mom that doesn’t know how to use Pinterest properly.
  • Less ushers

But that’s just me.