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Bagpipe Monday: Let’s All Celebrate Notre Dame And Michigan State’s 1966 Battle Together!

There used to be a thing in college football called, “a tie.” You normally didn’t party after one, but....

2017 marks the 51st anniversary of the Game of the Century. This Game of the Century was the 1966 showdown between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan State Spartans.

While an odd number year anniversary seems like an odd thing, perhaps the oddness of a tie game makes it more fitting. In any case, there is something even greater than the year at play here. Both Notre Dame and Michigan State will be honored during the game at Spartan Stadium.

Bagpipe Monday Notre Dame @phillykelly

This game was so huge and had such great implications involving the national championship, that this dual celebration only seems fitting. The game also ended in a 10-10 tie, so I don’t think this would be going on if Notre Dame would have won the game.

Nice job Ara!

What won’t be going on is what the writer of the above link suggests. A Shamrock Series game? Playing an away game at the opponents field falls very short to what a Shamrock Series game is. Perhaps the writer was under the assumption that it means alternate uniforms?


Will Notre Dame wear an alternate uniform this year?

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  • 48%
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  • 3%
    Yes, VS Sparty
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  • 14%
    Yes, VS Southern Cal
    (16 votes)
  • 3%
    Yes, VS Navy
    (4 votes)
  • 29%
    Yes, at some point
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If that is the case, then perhaps he is on to something. It’s hard to imagine Notre Dame and Under Armour skipping a year of profit-making alternate uniforms just because the Shamrock Series is on hiatus.

If that’s the case, look for the Irish to wear the Under Armour version of what they wore on the 40th Anniversary game.

In lieu of pipes- I give you the Monsoon and Musburger: