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This Guy Is Going To Play Notre Dame Football: #13 Jordan Genmark Heath

Genmark Heath has the ability to contribute right away, but will he?


Our player profile series takes a turn towards the youth and will be done in more LIGHTNING ROUND style than what we are doing with the upperclassmen.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish brought 21 recruits into the fold... let’s meet Jordan Genmark Heath

5 Bullet Points To Think About

  • There are finally quite a lot of safeties in South Bend now. The Irish once seemed to be lacking in numbers, but have flipped that script in 2 recruiting cycles. (9)
  • He’s Swedish. We just increased our European appeal.
  • His body frame suggests that he may be a rover-in-training (much like his classmate Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah). Maybe.
  • While the road to playing safety may have many bodies in front of him, the broken record player of SPECIAL TEAMS GUNNER is certainly there for him to take.
  • He was once committed to the Cal Golden Bears, until he flipped to the Irish. Cal has quietly been a thorn in the side of Notre Dame football recruiting for years. Nice.