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Who Is Your Favorite Notre Dame Football Player From The Charlie Weis Era?

“I've been groomed under the best and it gets you in the position to be successful when you're given your opportunity. Well, guess what, folks, I hit pay dirt. The opportunity just struck, so here I am.” -Charlie Weis

Connecticut v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Charlie Weis era for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was an exercise in coping with bi-polar disorder. We really thought we were back (again) and because we lost a close game in just the worst way to our most bitter rival, we asked Big Chuck to stick around forever.

Just got done paying for that one.

Just before the Sugar Bowl against the LSU Tigers, I decided to start my first blog, “Subway Domer.” So... if you were looking for the reason behind the curse of 2007- sorry guys.

I’ll save most of the memory lane strolling for the ensuing posts, but there was an important thing that happened under the Weis regime that we don’t talk about enough- mostly because we are still vomiting from those memories of 2007... and 2008... and 2009.

Charlie Weis proved that a coach could still get great talent to commit to Notre Dame. He showed that working your ass off on the recruiting trail, would get the Irish good recruits. He never really showed that there was much development involved- BUT DAMMIT he proved the people wrong that said Notre Dame could no longer get blue-chip players. (Thanks Ty).

So, even though Weis was fired with a horrible record, there were a lot of great players that came through during his tenure. Who was your favorite? Seriously- tell us, and we’ll tell you (that way we can split the cost of all of the therapy sessions).