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Notre Dame Football: Kevin Stepherson Gets One Year Probation For Marijuana Possession

Well... it’s only been about a year.

NCAA Football: Duke at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Last August, four members of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team were arrested after a traffic stop uncovered a handgun and a “significant amount” of marijuana.

One of those four was then freshman, Kevin Stepherson.

On Thursday, Stepherson accepted a plea deal that will give him one year probation for marijuana possession. Part of the plea includes a drug and alcohol program through the court, and will be subject to drug and alcohol testing.

If Stepherson completes the year with no violations, the current charges will be dropped.

Stepherson had a somewhat surprising freshman year in 2016. Notre Dame needed some help to make up for the loss of NFL bound Will Fuller, and Stepherson responded with 25 catches for 462 yards and 5 touchdowns. He averaged 18.5 yards per catch as he put his speed on display.

Notre Dame fans have been somewhat worried all offseason as rumors started surfacing about a possible departure for Stepherson. While none of those rumors ever proved remotely true, he has been in the doghouse with Brian Kelly for one reason or another.