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Notre Dame Basketball: Rex Pflueger Waits For The NBA Draft By Feeding A Squirrel

I GOT YOU MAN- I mean... squirrel

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Princeton vs Notre Dame
Looks like an old squirrel injury, Rex.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NBA Draft is tonight, and even though Rex Pflueger isn’t in the draft, he might still have a few butterflies about the possibility of teammate V.J. Beachem being selected.

Most mock drafts have Beachem going undrafted, but there are a few that have hime being selected in the second round. If he gets drafted, it would continue an incredible run for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the NBA Draft. Two years ago Jerian Grant was took in the first round, while Pat Connaughton was picked in the second round. Last year Demetrius Jackson was selected in the second round.

How does one kill the time before such a big event? Well, if you’re up at Notre Dame where the squirrels are basically mutants anyways- you feed them and keep the friendship strong.

That’s exactly what Rex Pflueger is doing.

One can only guess that on the day that Pflueger may get drafted, he will probably be swimming with sharks or running with a herd of rhinos.

Good luck to that.