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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football #44: Jamir Jones

No, not Jonathan Jones. He’s tomorrow.

Sophomore linebacker Jamir Jones is up next in our payer profile series. I say linebacker loosely because Jones will likely lose his battle for the backup linebacker spot to Jonathan Jones, but Jamir will at least make an impact on special teams for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this season.

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Jones appeared in 10 games for the Irish last season as a backup and has seven solo tackles to his credit. We could see Jones as a backup pass rusher in 2017, but lots of things need to be sorted out before his role on the team becomes clearer. In the meantime, lets get to know the kid.

3 Things to Know About Jamir Jones:

  1. You may know his older brother Jarron Jones (hint: they attended the same university).
  2. Jones actually led the special teams with eight solo tackles on kickoff coverages, making him a valuable asset for special teams coordinator Brian Polian
  3. He could play anywhere on the field in high school at the Aquinas Institute. Jones played linebacker, tight end (where he caught nine TDs), safety and quarterback during his three seasons at Aquinas.

YouTube Hot Fire:

The hot fire is still at a mere simmer for Jones, but here is his signing day profile video, which shows him appearing in opposing backfields at the blink of an eye:

I, RyChi, Dub Thee:

J4-squared. Come on, he has two J’s in his name and two 4’s on his jersey.

2017 Forecast:

The Mike linebacker position belongs to Nyles Morgan and nobody else. The backup spot can be overtaken, but it feels like Jones’ value to the Irish will be on the kickoff coverages and protecting against the big plays on special teams. His Irish career is still young, and we will have to see where he can contribute on the defensive side in the future.

Jones has been bulking up since arriving to Notre Dame, and Mike Elko could use him on the front line in pass rushing situations, but would the added weight subtract his value from the special teams squad and limit his ability to get down the field? We’ll know more come August.