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Hello One Foot Down! My name is Austin Gallagher

My (very) brief introduction.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Touchdown Jesus Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hello OFD readers! My name is Austin Gallagher and I am extremely excited to say that I will now be able to contribute to One Foot Down. I have, for my entire life, been a fan of Notre Dame. Like many of you, I was born into this cult that we Notre Dame fans are all proudly a part of. Also like many of you, this university has become a passion of mine. I obsess over Fighting Irish athletics, with the football and basketball teams being of my primary interest. With that said, I hope to mainly cover those two sports while providing entertaining and intriguing viewpoints upon both of them for you all.

As for myself, I am currently enrolled at Auburn University. I have no day job as of writing this, which should allow me to allocate plenty of time into delivering interesting columns for anybody and everybody to enjoy. Considering I have no professional experience with either football or basketball, what I write should generally be subjective and should not get too analytical for your everyday fan.

If you ever want to give suggestions or feedback, my twitter handle is @AK_Gallagher. Now, back to your regularly scheduled Notre Dame content.