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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #35 Grant Hammann

Continuing the player profile series with this Iowa native

The Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, IA

Grant Hammann #35, who is from Dyersville, IA, is a senior wide receiver. He hasn’t been in a game in his career, as he was recruited to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as a preferred walk-on. Since we have been kinda stacked at the WR position in the last few years, Grant has been still at that preferred walk-on status.

3 Things to Know About Grant Hammann

1. Grant is from Dyersville, IA where the Field of Dreams is. The field is real, and you can go visit there (which I have done). If you like the movie (and, let’s face it, everyone loves that movie), you should go see it. Awesome experience.

2. Grant lived in Keough Hall when I lived there as well. #Roos #WestQuadBestQuad #BrothersScholarsChampions

3. He is pretty fast, clocking in at 4.34 seconds for his 40 yard dash time. Yeah, I guess that is fast.

YouTube Hot Fire

Grant came into Notre Dame with quarterback and free safety experience as well. Here is him at QB in high school showing his speed:

Plays of the Week from local newscasts are one of my favorite things about high school football.

I, Matty G, Dub Thee...

Grant Hammann: The Dyersville Dandy


2017 Forecast

Because of no past experience playing with the Fighting Irish, Grant will continue his walk-on role. He is owning it, though. The WOPU (Walk-On Players Union) is a tight-knit community, so Grant is not just a lowly walk-on. He helps the team and is a contributing member while also on his way to getting a Notre Dame degree. Additionally, he’s helping himself get into even better shape, dropping nine pounds in the off-season (thank you for helping us with that shout out, andrewwinn).

Hopefully he could see himself in a game at some point this season, which would be great to see. It’s always nice when we can look to players who don’t play much or who are walk-ons (especially seniors) that get to play every now and again.