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Former Notre Dame Football Star, Michael Floyd, Is In Trouble With Alcohol Again

The situation with Michael Floyd worsens.

Army v Notre Dame Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

One of the greatest wide receivers the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have ever had, is in trouble with the law once again. According to a TMZ report, Michael Floyd, currently a member of the Minnesota Vikings, has tested positive for alcohol while on house arrest.

Floyd was serving a house arrest sentence for a DUI that he received in Arizona that ultimately caused his dismissal from the Arizona Cardinals. Floyd hooked up with the New England Patriots, and after the season he signed a deal with the Vikings.

Part of Floyd’s plea bargain with his DUI in Arizona was home monitoring. Because Floyd successfully argues that a monitoring ankle bracelet would hamper his ability to play football, he was assigned to house arrest.

Part of the deal that comes with house arrest situations is a ZERO alcohol policy. His defense is that he drinks a lot of kombucha, which is a tea that contains a very small amount of alcohol in it.

This is yet another sad chapter for an amazing talent that was given yet another chance, and this time with his hometown Vikings. Floyd has a long history of problems with alcohol that stretches back to his time at Notre Dame.