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Who Is Your Favorite Notre Dame Football Player From The Lou Holtz Era?

The last great era of Notre Dame football happened over 20 years ago. Just let that sink in if it hasn’t already made you drown.

Michigan v Notre Dame
He has a statue. This should impress you.
Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In continuing our ongoing discussion this month about great Notre Dame Fighting Irish players, we turn the page back a few decades to a time when we expected to win big, rather than expecting a close game and maybe winning.

Last week we looked back at the era of Tyrone Willingham. It was a little daunting at first, and I was actually threatened with a lawsuit by Bayou Irish over at HLS, for bringing up the golf master. In the end, I think we all rediscovered quite a few Irish legends, and we all felt better for it.

So, in a way to alleviate the shock of Stoic Ty, we move on to Lou Holtz and his harem of great players.

The names of Irish greats during the time that Lou Holtz paced the sidelines inside the House that Rock Built, is extraordinary. Because of this, you can even choose two if you like (one on offense and one on defense). Please post your responses using our FanPost feature on the site.

Our writers here at OFD (at least those that were out of their diapers during that era) will also be posting their responses here throughout the rest of the week and on into the weekend.