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Notre Dame Basketball: Mike Brey Adds More Talent With UConn Transfer Juwan Durham

Do people even know what is going on here with Notre Dame Basketball? Mike Brey is making things happen.

NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Word started to creep out on message boards on Friday that there was some big news coming for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball program. There were two names that first came to mind, and they both made me pretty excited.

The first name that came to mind was Top 50 Shooting Guard, Luther Muhammed. 247 Sports has its crystal ball pointed towards Notre Dame’s way with an 86% pick rate. So... it seemed like the right call to message one of our basketball editors here at OFD and say, “DIAL UP THAT MOTHERFLIPPIN COMMITMENT ARTICLE BROSEPH.”


But heh... my losing prize was just another top 50 player! I never loved being wrong so much.

It happened just a day later than the tease, but the Connecticut Huskies power forward, Juwan Durham is transferring to Notre Dame.

This is huge news for Notre Dame.

Durham was the 46th ranked recruit in the nation for the 2016 class, and the irish have a neverending need for size. Is he a bit thin? Yes, but none of that bothers me. Want to know why? My answer comes from the 247Sports director of basketball scouting Jerry Meyer:

"Durham came out of high school a top 50-ish prospect, but there was also the expectation that it would take him some time to be an impact college player. He is long, mobile, bouncy and has a decent skill-set. The problem is that he is extremely thin and needs to gain strength to be that impact player. Although it didn't work out for him as a freshman at UConn, there were a lot of schools that would love to have the opportunity to develop Durham into the player he could be. If he can be good, Notre Dame will get it out of him. Great player development."

Mike Brey has been getting the absolute best out of his players, and word around the campfire, boys and girls, is that he is swimming deep with a lot of pretty good talent.

Welcome to Notre Dame Juwan!

As a side note... One of the reasons this story is late, is that One Foot Down editor Pat Sullivan (Pat Rick) has been in Italy for the past few months, and has overstayed his welcome. Even the birds hate him now, and he was too depressed to write anything. Boo this man. (The following video should only be watched if you aren’t horrified by bird attacks).

Today I got absolutely owned by some birds in Venice. Shout-out to the stranger who captured it on camera and shared it with me and other strangers

Posted by Pat Rick on Saturday, June 10, 2017