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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Four Star Cornerback, Kalon Gervin, Decommits

Kalon Gervin is no longer committed to the 2018 recruiting class for the Fighting Irish.

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have lost a recruit for the 2018 class. 4 star cornerback, Kalon Gervin has decommitted from the Irish and will look elsewhere.

While it’s still relatively early in the 2018 recruiting cycle, this isn’t as rough of a blow as when another cornerback, Paulson Adebo, decommitted from Notre Dame back in December.

However... Notre Dame failed to sign a single cornerback in its 2017 class, and as of right now, they have zero cornerbacks committed for the 2018 class. It’s not exactly an ideal situation for the Irish secondary.

It’s not exactly dire either.

If we take a look at the scholarship chart for 2018, Notre Dame still looks to be in decent shape as far as numbers are concerned if Nick Watkins returns for a fifth year.

That doesn’t mean the Irish don’t need another 2 or 3 corners, but the talent listed above has Notre Dame in pretty good shape. 2019 is the bigger concern right now.

Look, it’s still really, really early and Notre Dame is in a good position for guys like Houston Griffith and Donald Johnson (with other names surfacing). For Notre Dame to solidify the position, the defense, and the team; they are going to have to lock some guys down.