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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #19 Justin Yoon

The Man With The Golden Leg...This Guy Kicks

A lot of pain behind those eyes

Next up on the list for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the rising Junior kicker, #19 Justin Yoon. Yoon was a 3 star recruit from Nashville, Tennessee and the number one rater kicker in the nation. Honestly want to gripe here for a hot second....How is the number one kicker in the nation....only 3 stars?! Can the man with the golden leg get some love around here? Despite that rip off, he went on to live up to his rating (not stars) and was a freshman All American. He had a slight sophomore slump and was hampered this spring by a tight hamstring. We hope to see much of his much imitated, but never replicated celebration throughout the course of this season.

3 Things to know about Justin Yoon

  1. Justin’s father, Jiseop, was an Olympic figure Skater, and his mother, Mihwa, was a famous silent film actress. The kid has some impressive genes to say the least.
  2. I once saw him walking around campus rocking a “Kickers are people too shirt”-realized then he could be on my team every day of the week.
  3. Justin is known for his bowing celebration with both the holder and the snapper. Gets the crowd going.

Youtube Hot Fire

Enthusiasm, Passion, Aggression. These are words that I wouldn’t use to describe this commitment video, but its simple, consistent, and reliable, just like Justin.

Bonus Hot Fire- Love Love Love that Celly.

I, Philly G Dub Thee....

Justin “The man with the Golden Leg” Yoon

Russ-what do you think about Justin?

2017 Prediction

Justin looks to rebound from a season that had extremely high expectations. He was nominated for pre season kicker of the year, but fell slightly short. However, he was still a very solid performer, hitting 13-17 FGs and 44-46 PATs. He was able to rest up his hamstring this spring and looks to rebound in a good way.

My bold prediction is that he will not miss a single PAT this year. This is really based off of nothing, but just a hunch I have. Take it how you will, but if it happens, you heard it here first.