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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #15 CJ Holmes

The early enrollee out of CT is next on the list

Big time ball security guy

Next on the list for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the Freshman running back out of Connecticut, #15, C.J. Holmes. Holmes is an electric 4 Star athlete that enrolled early this Spring with the hopes of cracking the rotation heading into his first year. He is known for his receiving abilities out of the backfield, as well as his shiftiness through the holes. His Spring debut was cut short due to a separated shoulder, but we will have more updates on his playing time projections the first couple weeks of camp.

3 Things to Know about CJ Holmes

  1. He is not to be confused with former Notre Dame Wide receiver (also #15 whose first name begins with the letter C) Corey Holmes.
  2. He averaged 130 yards per game in HS, with an impressive 8.5 ypc.
  3. Holmes had an absolute fire hot flames commitment video (he throws an Alabama helmet in a lake FYI)

Youtube Hot Fire

Fishing? Boating? Guys? Spontaneous Leprechauns being pulled from the abyss? this guy gets it.

Bonus Video-Love seeing these interviews-seems very genuine about his passion for the Irish.

I, Philly G Dub Thee.....

CJ “Hollywood” Holmes hot right now

2017 Forecast

The initial reports on Holmes was that he could potentially work his way into the rotation. His injury in Spring Ball puts that thought aside for the time being, and we will have to see what type of shape he is in during summer sessions. If the other 3 RB’s stay healthy this year, Holmes should emerge as a top special teams player. He played both ways in high school and seems like too much of a playmaker not find his way onto the field.

I will not be surprised if his name gets called if one of the backs goes down or has any nagging (insert lower body) injuries. Additionally, his ability to make plays catching the ball out of the backfield could be his early ticket to playing time outside of ST’s. As of now, we must wait out his shoulder injury to see what type of impact Holmes will have heading into his rookie campaign.