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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #9 Daelin Hayes

Is he the defensive savior? Read more to find out!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Introducing the next player on the list for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, #9 Daelin Hayes. A former 5 Star recruit, Hayes is a rising 6’4 257 lb Sophomore from Bellville, Michigan, and was one of the top athletes to come out of the state in 2016. Hayes is anchoring the defensive line that has no where to go but up after after an ABYSMAL 2016. Hayes saw significant action as a freshman, totaling 11 tackles, 1 pass deflection, and a forced fumble in his rookie campaign.

He was a Spring Practice Hero, and had a very strong performance in the Blue and Gold game with 7 tackles and 4 TFLs (3 of which were sacks). He heads into this year with the potential to be the breakout star on the team, especially if he matches the production coaches raved about all Spring.

3 Things to Know About Daelin Hayes

  1. Assuming he matches the production of the Spring Game, Daelin Hayes will finish the season with a cool 36 sacks (42 if we make it to the National Championship). Its hard to argue with these statistics as a completely realistic, eternally optimistic fan.
  2. Hayes once attended Cass Tech, before transferring to Skyline (great chili in the cafeteria). This is of the few positive transfers that can be associated with Notre Dame and Cass Tech.
  3. He announced his commitment to Notre Dame in a “Dark Knight” style B-list short film (fortunately or unfortunately Maggie Gyllenhall doesn’t get crispied as a result of his decision-RIP Katie Holmes as Rachel)

YouTube Hot Fire:


Honestly a bit disappointed he didn’t incorporate more of this. His commitment came after he de-committed from USC.....use your imagination.

I, Philly G, Dub Thee:

Daelin “Willy Mays” Hayes

For his acting abilities and speed off the edge, but mostly his acting abilities.

2017 Forecast

The defensive line is in desperate need of not only a consistent pass rusher, but one who can change the course of the game. Hayes has the size, speed, and ability to be this player for the Fighting Irish this year. With the added experience of the DBs and LBs, the defensive line will have the opportunity to make plays. One of the major major major things to consider with Hayes is not his ability, but the ability to withstand the full grind of the season.

Hayes has a history of shoulder injuries (3 surgeries to be exact), which is not ideal for a Rush end who has leaned on his ability overpower his opponents with a powerful punch. However, he was healthy all Spring and Strength Coach Matt Balis raved about work ethic in the weight room. He dropped from 18 to 10 percent body fat at 257 lbs. That, my friends, is big enough to be deemed.... without a doubt, a “freak” athlete. Notre Dame has a freak athlete at defensive end, who has the ability to dominate if he endures the grind of a the full season.