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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Is Everyone Afraid Of Jayson Ademilola’s Next Move?

It’s May... and Notre Dame fans are already nervous.

Jayson Ademilola Notre Dame Flickr Student Sports

For the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, recruiting elite defensive linemen is a dangerous tactic. A lot of times, the “interest” isn’t quite as high as one might think, because a lot of recruits like to have Notre Dame as one of its choices to make it look like they give a crap about academics (that in no way suggests that the recruit isn’t intelligent). What happens then, is a “string-along” tactic that keeps the Irish in limbo.

Worse yet, is that dreaded decommitment. Decommitments can derail a recruiting class, and when it comes to Notre Dame, the Irish have a history of late decommits. I mean- why throw away the guarantee of a scholarship as a commit with ND, than risk losing their spot because of an injury if they were pledged elsewhere?

All of that brings me to current Notre Dame commitment. Jayson Ademilola.

Ademilola has made a huge jump in the recruiting rankings as of late, and that means more eyeballs, and more offers from big time programs. That also means that fans start to get a little uneasy, because let’s face it... those first two paragraphs outline the reason for our insecurities.

Things got a little dicey once Alabama offered Jayson- well, for fans anyways. Ademilola (pick one) has remained publicly committed to the Irish since June of last year, but has been grateful for the attention and offers from all over the country.

Recent events have called his level of commitment into question, if for no other reason than our own recruiting insecurities. It doesn’t help with Urban Meyer lurking in the shadows and taking another top target of the Irish in linebacker, Dallas Gant.

Of course, all of this anxiety can be helped (to some degree) with some type of public statement.

Well look at that.

Everyone IS nervous about Jayson Ademilola, and they have every right to be. He is an elite defensive lineman and he’s committed to Notre Dame. There will be no breathing until pen meets paper.