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Bagpipe Monday: Tim Brando Won’t Let Go Of Notre Dame Football Independence

You gotta love the month of May.

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The month of May brings many things, but mostly it brings about the end of school, and our college football news cycle. It’s a dead period of sorts.

Because of this, many stories are printed, and many discussions are made that involve all manner of speculation. It never really matters if any of it is true or not- it only matters if you can make a case for it with some type of bravado.

Bagpipe Monday Notre Dame @phillykelly

Enter college football analyst and talking head, Tim Brando. It’s May, and Brando is digging down deep in his bag of tricks valid talking points. According to Brando, Notre Dame is in talks with the ACC about becoming a full member of the conference by having the football team join its athletic siblings.

I don’t doubt that there may have been a conversation, but I’m guessing those talks went more like this:

[ACC] Hey, Jack... we’d like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to join the ACC in football. Full members man. What do you think?
[Jack Swarbrick] No.
[ACC] We can give you more money.
[Jack Swarbrick] No.
[ACC] It would be easier for you to make the playoffs.
[Jack Swarbrick] No.
[ACC] Maybe think about it in 10 years?
[Jack Swarbrick] No.
[ACC] Maybe think about it after the 2047 season?
[Jack Swarbrick] Sure ACC... I’ll think about it after another 30 years. You bet.

[ACC calls Tim Brando] We got ‘em. They’ll join in a few years.
[Tim Brando] I KNEW IT!

Look, as much as people outside of Notre Dame want the Irish to join a conference in football so they can finally compartmentalize college football completely, the reality doesn’t live up to the dream. Brando suggests something that just isn’t true- joining the ACC won’t provide easier access to the College Football Playoff.

As of right now, the Irish have the same chance as any other Power 5 school. The only thing that could take that away would be a rule stating that a playoff team MUST be a conference champion- and that has not and will not happen under the 4 team system.


Can Notre Dame football survive without a conference home?

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Furthermore, once the playoff expands to 8 teams (which almost everyone agrees that it will), it only makes access easier. For example: 8 teams comprised of the 5 conference champions and 3 at large schools. THREE.

Notre Dame’s biggest obstacle is winning. Just win football games and the rest will take care of itself. This isn’t rocket science.

No actual disrespect to Tim Brando (who keeps repeating this sentiment over and over again), but you can wish in one hand and crap in the other- you know the rest.

Unless Jack Swarbrick and the administration truly want the Notre Dame alumni and fans to blow the entire thing up, this is just idle talk.

This is May.

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