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Notre Dame Secret Garbage... ROUND 2

If you thought the first round smelled funny, be prepared for Elite Eight Stank.

Fighting Irish fans show their support with green shirts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Did you think this was going away? Sorry, garbage doesn’t just get caught on dead bodies floating in the river all on its own accord- someone has to pick it up first.

After some first round action, we are ready to move forward. The votes from all of the fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that chose to participate are counted in a non-electoral college fashion. Here is a little reminder from last week’s opening festivities:

We’re talking about secret garbage.

What is secret garbage? In short, it’s something that a lot of people love (or at least it is well accepted) but it’s actually quite bad/horrible/awful. Our friends over at The Solid Verbal Podcast first came up with this idea back in March, and created an entertaining playoff that saw things like the NFL, ketchup, Avatar, bluetooth, and more square off against one another for hottest of secret garbage title.

As we attempt to do the same for Notre Dame, please keep in mind that we all love Notre Dame here. Three alums (Pat, Jude, and Jessica) and one Emperor and Supreme Warlord of the Subway Alumni qualifies us to do this- with all due respect. However, we defer to you and your judgment, as your votes will determine the winners- and the champion.

Notre Dame Secret Garbage ROUND 2

Here we go...

#1 NBC VS #8 Pep Rallies

Both teams won their first round matchup at about a 70% to 30% total.

Both teams inspire a whole lot of fake enthusiasm- although one could argue that the Pep Rallies started getting really bad shortly after the NBC contract started.


More Garbage: NBC or Pep Rallies?

This poll is closed

  • 36%
    (136 votes)
  • 63%
    Pep Rallies
    (237 votes)
373 votes total Vote Now

#4 Spring Game VS #12 DeBartolo Hall

Both teams won their first round matchup with identical 56% to 44% totals (although 70 more people voted in the spring game matchup).

You would have to experience the horrors that both teams have to offer on both the best day, and the worst day to truly grasp the battle here. Or... you can just vote for the one that left you feeling empty, hollow, and less of a human being. GOOD LUCK!


More Garbage: Spring Game or DeBartolo Hall?

This poll is closed

  • 49%
    Spring Game
    (178 votes)
  • 50%
    DeBartolo Hall
    (181 votes)
359 votes total Vote Now

#2 Hammes Bookstore VS #10 Stadium Music

The Bookstore took home a close one, while Stadium Music demolished South Dining Hall in surprising fashion.

This might be one of those generational battles. Long lines vs short playlist and overpriced vs overplayed. What is so awesome that it’s actually terrible?


More Garbage: Hammes Bookstore or Stadium Music?

This poll is closed

  • 40%
    Hammes Bookstore
    (146 votes)
  • 59%
    Stadium Music
    (216 votes)
362 votes total Vote Now

#14 The Shirt VS #11 Irish Guard

The Shirt won in impressive fashion receiving 81% of the vote, while the Irish Guard got 71%. Perhaps these two were seeded wrongly? Perhaps... It’s a Cinderella story.

The Shirt keeps selling because people have made it a tradition to buy the first shirt of spring in spite of all fashion laws, while the Irish Guard used to be about tradition, but is now knee deep in knee-deepery. It’s a battle for the ages and for the soul of Irish fans everywhere.


More Garbage: The Shirt or Irish Guard?

This poll is closed

  • 58%
    The Shirt
    (216 votes)
  • 41%
    Irish Guard
    (156 votes)
372 votes total Vote Now

Please get your votes in (if you haven’t already) and we’ll have the Final 4 set for Friday (if only for the alliteration).