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This Guy Plays Notre Dame Football: #4 Te’von Coney

And so do his biceps (which is nice)

BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State v Notre Dame Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We next move to #4 for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Junior outside linebacker (now know as Buck in Mike Elko’s scheme), Te’von Coney. Coney was a 4 star recruit coming from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He returns from a season where he started 9 games, racked up 62 tackles, 1.5 of them being for loss.

He did not do enough so solidify himself as the definitive starter, but will be used in conjunction with Greer Martini at the Buck position. Te’von made headlines this offseason with his Herculean like body transformation that had all but everyone on the internet singing the praises of new strength and conditioning coach, Matt Balis.

3 Things To Know About Te’von Coney

1. His continued development this summer will be key and the hope is that he will be cut loose now that he doesn’t have Uncle Rico putting his brain in a pretzel.

2. He is listed on the roster at 236 lbs.....After his winter workout it appears he is closer to 250....but now has abs. He is TERRIFYINGLY large.

3. The video detailing his relationship with a fan living with cerebral palsy told me everything I needed to know about Te’von the man, not the football player.

YouTube Hot Fire

Video of the bond with Keith Penrod, a 64 year old ND fan living with Cerebral Palsy.

I, Philly G, Dub Thee...

Te’Von, The Chili Cheese Coney.......(mostly because of what would happen in my pants if he were to tackle me)

wimpy wimpy wimpy..... HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY

Seriously, it would take Everest level climbers weeks to summit those mountain peaks that are below his ears. My God.

2017 Forecast

The linebackers are the clear leaders of the defense heading into the 2017 season. I think we will see Te’von as a starter for the majority of games and put up very impressive statistics. One stat that will stick out will be his rising number of TFL’s. Last year he seemed hesitant to burst through the hole to meet the runner in the backfield. With Mike Elko’s simplified scheme, the linebackers will be in a position where they can react as opposed to think, diagram, make 4 checks, then meet the RB 5 yards down field.

A dynamic that I am interested in seeing is the amount of reps Coney and Greer Martini will split situationally. We know Martini will probably play against Navy, but curious to see who will get the call on definitive passing downs. Regardless, Coney has all of the skills and definitely the size (I think I have a bit of a man crush) to be at the very least a first team All Independent Conference linebacker. See what I did there.