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Notre Dame Football: Could The Scott Pagano Saga End Where It Started?

Notre Dame wants the services of Scott Pagano, but he might be homesick.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are always in need of quality defensive linemen, and Scott Pagano’s potential grad transfer from the Clemson Tigers was a great opportunity for the Irish to do just that. Things may have got a lot less interesting...

So... let’s track this real quick:

  • Pagano seeks a transfer because he wants more playing time to help his NFL future.
  • Like, 50 schools come after Pagano right away.
  • Pagano cuts possible schools down to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, UCLA Bruins, Texas Longhorns, Arkansas Razorbacks, Notre Dame, Fighting Irish, Oregon Ducks, and Oklahoma Sooners.
  • Nebraska, UCLA, and Texas get cut without a visit.
  • Pagano visits Notre Dame.
  • Pagano cancels Arkansas and Oklahoma visits.
  • Pagano visits Oklahoma.
  • Reports of Pagano staying at Clemson.

Notre Dame just can’t win here.

This very well may be far from over and Pagano could end up at Notre Dame or Oklahoma or Oregon- or... this might be the most elaborate scheme EVER for a 5th year senior to get out of spring practice.

The Irish are borderline desperate up front for quality veteran players, and the possible addition of Pagano could have meant HUGE rewards for the defense as the linebackers and defensive backs appear to be solid heading into 2017.

If things change, we will be sure to be on top of it, but it’s starting to look like a rerun of most defensive tackle recruiting battles we have had over the past decade.

Omar gone.