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Why Chris Finke will be a breakout Player in 2017

And 10 adjectives that will be used to describe his unique set of “skills”

Virginia Tech v Notre Dame
Hey Chris do you think this is your year?
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

“Quick, Elusive, Needs to Improve” - Chris Finke 4/2/17

This small quote by Chris Finke says it all. Well, not really. But it definitely says something about the kid poised for a breakout year.

With the offensive firepower Notre Dame Fighting Irish has returning for the 2017 season, there is going to be one name called much more than expected. My preseason breakout player prediction is rising Junior, former WOPU member, Chris Finke. I am not saying he will be Wimbush’s number one, or even number 2 guy, but that he will become a staple in Chip Long’s offense. He will put up numbers and have contributions similar to Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow. (44 catches, 500 yards, 6 tds) I could talk at length about why Finke will be a breakout player, but I would rather focus on the way he will be described every Saturday. Like Renfrow, winner of Clemson’s “hustle” award (seriously), Finke will be a walking cliché of adjectives and I am excited to see how fast announcers can fly through my list.

With that said, I present (in no particular order) the 2017 list of adjectives/phrases that will be used to describe Notre Dame WR Chris Finke:

  1. Has “deceptive” speed/quicker than fast
  2. Scrappy
  3. First guy in last guy out mentality
  4. What he lacks in size he makes up for in “heart”
  5. Catches everything thrown his way
  6. Son of a coach (even if his dad is/never was a coach)
  7. Gutsy- in reference to any and all big 3rd/4th down receptions
  8. Student of the game
  9. Possession receiver
  10. Former walk on

Also had a chance to grab a quick quote from Former Captain and NFL hopeful James Onwualu, who believes in Finke as well:

“I called it early that Finke would be a solid player for us! The kid shows up every day and works to perfect his craft. His quickness and effort on the field make it hard for defenders to keep up”.

Though Finke probably will not receive proper praise for his skill set, he will be a household name and a critical part of the offense during the 2017 campaign.